What is the Multichoice Investment Platform?

Multichoice Investments is an international investment portal with the purpose of facilitating the financing of business projects, startups, and companies involved in various fields of activity. The portal will help locate potential investors or buyers of your business from different countries.

Who is this platform for?

The platform is designed to create investment projects for business owners and investors (stocks, venture capital companies, business agents).

When can a project be accepted for placement?

At any stage - from an idea to an existing company.

Is the placement of projects paid?

Yes, the publication is paid, primarily for the purpose of excluding users without serious intentions.  Our prices are affordable.  We invite you to familiarize yourself with the services offered and their cost.

What payment methods are accepted?

Various forms of payment including paying with a bank card on the website, PayPal, or a bank transfer are accepted. For all forms of payment except for using a bank card on the website, contact us through the contact form.  

How will investors learn about my project?

Numerous investors find projects and companies by searching our website. We also attract investors via direct distribution, individual support, and promotion of investment projects.

How is communication between investors and project authors organized?

Our platform provides the opportunity for direct contact between investors and project authors. To do this, you must be a registered user of our website.

What methods do you have for promoting projects?

To promote your project, we can carry out a wide range of work on its marketing, such as creating an individual website, presentations, professionally designed video presentations with voiceover, developing and managing your pages on social networks, sending out the information about your project to investors, and more. / Details-LINK TO SERVICES/

How long will my project be on the platform?

Your project will be on the platform for the duration of the time period that you choose and pay for.

I have a ready-made business for sale. Do I have to pay a commission for a transaction posted on this platform?

No, there is no commission.  Our platform provides the opportunity for direct communication between investors and project authors. We do not act as an intermediary in transactions.

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