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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offerings of the Multichoice Investment Platform. For your convenience, services are grouped according to the directions of work on
Services for
project / company owners

Posting on the site

  • Placement of the project on the Multichoice Investment website
  • Placing ready-made businesses for sale on the Multichoice Investment website
  • Priority location of the project
  • Individual design of the project

Promotional products development

  • Teaser preparation (project summary)
  • Preparation of an investment memorandum
  • Investment pitch preparation
  • Designing a project presentation
  • Creation of a business plan
  • Feasibility study
  • Creating a multimedia presentation
  • Creating a promotional video
  • Development of a professional website
  • Landing page development

Project analysis

  • Analysis of your presentation
  • Editing your presentation
  • Auditing your business plan
  • Adjusting your business plan
  • Marketing research
  • Verification of the commercial concept of the project
  • Verification of compliance with the stated conditions of the project
  • Forecast of economic efficiency of the project

Project / company promotion

  • Individual e-mail distribution of the project to a network of investors
  • General e-mail distribution of the project to a network of investors
  • Creating and managing your Facebook page
  • Creating and managing your Instagram page
  • Writing and sending out a press release to the media
  • Writing and publishing an image article in the media
  • Writing and publishing media interviews
  • Translation and adaptation of the site
  • Development of presentation materials in English
  • Creating a video presentation in English
  • Writing and publishing articles in the English language media
  • Registration of international patents and trademarks
Please note that this list is basic, and it can be significantly expanded through individual solutions and consulting services.

It is still widely believed among the creators of investment projects that the main thing is the idea, while the development of the project is a secondary and unimportant issue. However, this opinion is erroneous. Trial work, a meticulously prepared business plan and professionally executed presentation materials will almost guarantee that your project will receive financing. Creating a unique idea without proper designing and promotion can cause your idea to disappear in the multitude of others. Note that all you need is proper marketing to attract the attention of investors.

We will "pack" your idea competently and effectively

We recommend using our tools for business development, a startup, or a project. By doing this, you will reach a completely different level.

For full promotion on the international portal, the correct message is needed. We are ready to carry out a whole range of work on marketing your project or business in the international arena. This includes translation and adaptation of information about the investment project in English, creation of professional video presentations with an initial professional English-language voiceover, and development of effective presentations and multimedia files that are easy to send to interested parties. Information about your project will be sent out to a network of international investors. We will maintain your social network pages and fill them with interesting content.

A professionally developed website in English will convince potential investors that your project deserves attention. It goes without saying that all Russian-language texts will be compiled by native speakers, not by amateurs or electronic translators. Today, when there is an active struggle for the attention of investors, an individual site of your project, company or product will become a significant advantage.

Sending, serving, level - three conditions for a successful project

The support of an investment proposal deserves special attention. Publications in mass media will let investors know that your idea is already gaining interest. We are ready to interview you and tell the world about your project in print and electronic media, including nationwide mediums. Collaboration with a large number of print publications and online resources is possible.

Multichoice Investment’s professionals have extensive experience and capabilities. Let us work together for your success!

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  • Project Owner / Business Seller
  • Investor